Arsenal 4 Wien

Intensive 1: 24./25. July

Intensive 2: 31. July/1. August



During this intensive workshop, choreographer, dancer, and Feldenkrais® practitioner Anne Juren offers the participants to be part of one’s own, personal Fantasmical Anatomy at her studio. The participants will start the days with dedicated a Feldenkrais® class, followed by a Fantasmical Anatomy lesson which includes poetic, fantastical, speculative imaginative dimensions. In the afternoon, sessions will turn into private sessions, where participants become patients entering choreotherapeutic spheres.

MQ Libelle Wien
4./6./10./11. August


Überschrift 2

Artists involved: Steven Cohen (FR/ZA), Julius Deutschbauer (AT), Ivo Dimchev (BG), Jule Flierl (DE) & Irena Z. Tomazin (SI), Thomas Köck (DE/AT), Jennifer Lacey (FR/US), Roland Rauschmeier (AT/DE), Maria F. Scaroni (DE/IT), Akemi Takeya (AT/JP)

Hundred years of Joseph Beuys! This is something to celebrate, and so ImpulsTanz and the MQ, initiated by the artist Akemi Takeya, are setting out on something like a search for traces- fast, fragmentary and daring. Beuys as a root system, Beuys as an assemblage, or perhaps also: How do we blast cracks and furrows into the monument, fromwhich something new may emerge...

Happy Birthday Mr. Beuys! is a collection of short contributions, born out of the freedom and diversity of the artistic languages of the invited artists- a birthday present, an ephemeral gift, a controversial party, a tribute to live art and presence. Whether homage, parody, plagiarism, protest, provocation...- everything is welcome. Initiated by Akemi Takeya. World Premiere, duration: 105 minutes.