imagetanz 03 Wien


12-29 March


Concept und dance: Anne Juren
Visual concept: Roland Rauschmeier
Artistic assistance: Alice Chauchat
Technic: Barbara Wimmer

Production: Wiener Tanz-und Kunstbewegung
Thanks to: Institut français de Vienne

The A question, coming up as soon as one sees dance, is very simple: what did you see? Yet it might not be that simple to answer, the question being verbal and dance, not. Dance nevertheless certainly is a language, articulating itself through differentiation and interpretation, developing a net of conventions that make it recognisable, intelligible. Anne Juren proposes dance performance as the presentation of a body executing set movements in front of an audience. This situation becomes articulated via numerous degrees of interpretation: Jurens 1st reduction of dance performance to a few elements, i.e. frontality, gaze, spatiality, visual perception, choreography (set movements)The recourse to written interpretations by spectators, introducing verbal language as always interfering in the direct reception of the dance. Jurens choreographic re-interpretation of those texts Jurens interpretation on stage of the resulting choreographies
The spectators interpretation, shifting between visual sensation, direct perception and words coming up.

The reduction of movements makes visible subtle differences which might often be overlooked, as a seed to finer reading of complexity. A? reduces dance to a body performing movements in front of an audience and then re-opens it to the sum of ways to do so.