Tanzquartier Wien

24 May


In contemporary dance the relation between language and movement is considered an important element and used in different ways. To perform a movement according to a script of internalized instructions or while putting into words and uttering a description of the performed movement at the same time, like 'I am moving this and that way' is using speech in a performative way (à la Austin's 'How to do things with words') and using the material of speech, namely language and its structure, which itself is making use of the combination of elements and rules.

Having this in mind the piece addresses aspects of different modalities in the production of movement, i.e. time and space, the opposition of up and down, of floating and gravitation, continuity and discontinuity. While staging a performance these possibilities are not available, every performance is subject to a strict setting. The piece is using these viable, preconceived possibilities by performing sets of movement which are repeated and modified in slightly different ways. Doing so, it carries out an analogy on the methods used by linguistic theory. The performance is analyzing the movements accordingly, modifying the elements accordingly by changing different features.

Concept, Choreography, Dance: Anne Juren
Artistic Assistance: Fouad Asfour, Bojana Cvejic,
Alice Chauchat
Stage: Roland Rauschmeier
Lighting Design: Jan Maertens
Costume: Katharina Montag, Hanako Geierhos
Productionmanagement: Pauline Roussille
Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien
Co-realisation: Szene Salzburg, Dans in Kortrijk

Supported by the Cultural Department the city of Vienna and

the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.