ImPulsTanz Wien

17-20 July

Choreographer Anne Juren and director Annie Dorsen collaborate on Magical, a solo dance piece performed by Juren, which uses the canon of feminist performance art and the rituals of a magic show to play with illusion, trickery and transformation. The simultaneity of magic, choreography and performance leads to surprising turns: all deploy the power of metamorphosis, of the body, of the magic object, of the audience’s vision. These transformations affect the spectators and arouse in them the desire to see through the events on the stage. In the process they themselves become the object of a manipulation. Juren devotes herself to the efficacy and secrets of the female body, in an enchantingly spectacular way.

Magical had its premiere at ImpulsTanz Vienna 2010 and was shown at further locations (among others): Black Box Teater, Oslo, 2012, Festival Novog Cirkusa, Zagreb, 2012, 8th, COIL Festival, copresented by New York Live Arts and Performance Space 122, New York City, 2012.

Realisation: Annie Dorsen, Anne Juren
Performance: Anne Juren
Magician: Steve Cuiffo
Music: Christophe Demarthe
Stage: Roland Rauschmeier
Stage Assistant: Sebastian Bauer
Light Design: Bruno Pocheron with Ruth Waldeyer
Costume: Miriam Draxl
Assistant: Ruth Ranacher
Production: Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung
Co-production: ImPulsTanz

Supported by: the cultural department of the city of Vienna and the bmukk- Austrian Federal Ministry for Education,

Arts and Culture.


brut Wien


7-9 May


Pièce Sans Paroles is a collaborative work between choreographers Anne Juren and DD Dorvillier, theater director Annie Dorsen, composer Sebastien Roux, visual artist Roland Rauschmeier and lighting designer Thomas Dunn. Pièce Sans Paroles proposes a narrative theatrical script by the legendary American playwrighter Tennesse Williams as the score for a choreography. With Dorvillier and Juren serving as actresses, and Dorsen directing, the play retains its drama, psychological motivations, characters, stage directions, and scenic elements. The crucial mission is language, the words the characters speak. Without dialogue, the play takes on new life as form and movement, bringing a fresh perspective on choreography and the production of meaning that rises out of the damp ashes of the existential realism of 20th century American drama.


Concept and Realisation: Annie Dorsen, DD Dorvillier, Anne Juren
Performance: DD Dorvillier, Anne Juren
Staging: Annie Dorsen
Sound, Concept and Design: Sebastien Roux
Stage Design: Roland Rauschmeier
Light Design: Thomas Dunn
Assistant: Ruth Ranacher
Stage Manager: Bartek Kubiak
Production Management: Lisa Schmidt
Production: Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung

Co-production: brut Koproduktionshaus, Rencontres choreographiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis and Szene Salzburg

Supported by the Cultural Department of the city of Vienna

and bmukk- Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts

and Culture.