Studies On Fantasmical Anatomies

Studies On Fantasmical Anatomies

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In her ”Studies on fantasmical anatomies” Anne Juren attempts to expand the contextual boundaries of the term choreography by proposing a creative imaginative space in which the choreography is placed inside the body of the spectator.

Led by a voice, the performance distorted the membranes of the spectator in order to travel the inner and unknown parts of its body. Doing this, it imposes an unreading of what a body is and where its borders are and disrupts the logic of anatomy by creating unexpected relations. The performance attempts to destabilize and deconstruct the individualistic ideologies, and move away from the desire of privacy, normative patterns and logical relationships. During this trip inside its own body, the spectator is engaged in different states of kinesthetic, sensorial, mental and cosmic cannibalistic experiences. A landscape of phantasmagoric and delirious spaces is open, where dysfunctional relations and inimaginable actions can take place, troubling the relations between inner and outer sensations.

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Concept, choreography and performance: Anne Juren
Set Design: Vladimir Miller
Light Design: Bruno Pocheron
Foley Sound: Céline Bernard
Assistant: Camille Chanel
Production: Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung
Supported by: the cultural department of the city of Vienna